The Healthcare Ministry warned that Gevgelija leads the country with increase in new coronavirus cases. The city, whose hospital covers also other towns in the region, had a weekly incidence of 228.3 per 100,000 inhabitants.

There were a total of 2,676 newly diagnosed cases in 34 cities over the past week, which is an increase of 19.3 percent compared to last week. Especially alarming is the high return of positive cases from all tests – which is now at 20.3 percent.

Per age groups, the most cases (20.9 percent of total) were found in the ages of 30 to 39, followed by those 40 to 49 (19.5 percent) and 20 to 29 (17.6 percent).

Of all who tested positive, 7.3 percent were hospitalized and 23.3 percent of them had comorbidities. Some 2 percent of all positive patients have traveled abroad in the past two weeks.