The First Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary General of DUI Artan Grubi said on the “24 Analysis” show regarding the bus accident in Bulgaria in which 45 people died that they are in contact with the relatives of the victims and the bodies brought tomorrow.

After Friday prayers, the victims will be buried in their places. We are not trying to make a spectacle of this event and we want to pay our respects and express our pain and sympathy. This case took place in another country and the bodies will be transported by plane. Regarding the accident, we will not leave anything to the case without finding out what happened and holding everyone responsible for the tragedy accountable. There is no escaping responsibility from this. We see that the investigation is dynamic in Bulgaria. I told him at a government session that we will demand responsibility from the officials and after the report there will be changes next week. That bus has crossed the border many times, so there are many corrupt elements in the way such a bus can cross five border crossings. That is why we need to shake up the system with a thorough investigation. I will also call Rufat Useini for a conversation and I expect detailed information, Grubi said.