An ethnic Albanian as a PM found its place in the auction of DUI offers to the opposition to vote for the constitutional amendments. Many in Macedonia already forgot about that, but Vice-PM Grubi reminded them.

“For the future of our country, we are prepared to give up on all political agreements within our ruling coalition – the interim government, the ethnic Albanian PM, our mandates”, Grubi told a Kosovan TV.

An ethnic Albanian as a PM during the last 100 days of this government is an idea that appeared after the parliamentary elections in 2020. ASDSM, as usual, didn’t have the necessary majority to form a government, so they were forced to abide by every DUI’s wish. Thus, the then PM Zoran Zaev gave his word to Artan Grubi that he will be a PM in the last few months of this government’s mandate.  Now, the question is: what is Grubi giving up? A face-to-face deal with a politician who is not a PM anymore, neither he is a chairman of SDS.

It is really magnanimous by Grubi to give up on that, congratulations.