Hungarian Ambassador to Macedonia Laszlo Dux denied the allegations published in the Slovenian press and from Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt that Hugnary is funding “anti-NATO” propaganda in Macedonia.

Hungary strongly supports this country’s NATO membership. You are aware that, in the past, we always strived to make this country a member. We regret that it took so long, but we are happy to see if finally happen and we await the Spanish ratification in a few months that will complete the process. Hungary is a central European country but also a neighbor of the Balkans and we have strong security links and interests in the region. We see the NATO accession as the most important pillar to stability and I can tell you that the Hungarian Government is not funding anti-NATO or anti-EU propaganda in any shape or form, Ambassador Dux told the “Sloboden Pecat” newspaper.

The Ambassador could not comment about whether other circles may be doing so.