According to the Law, we have to keep a register of elected and appointed persons. We have to fill this register of elected and appointed persons with data that we receive from institutions that carry out elections and appointments. The largest such institutions are the Government, the Parliament, local units, and so forth. I would mention the first two, because the Government does not provide information at all, pointed out Biljana Ivanovska, president of the Anti-Corruption Commission in an interview with TV Alfa.

Ivanovska added that this issue regarding the non-delivery by the Government has been raised, but there is still no result.

The government is not providing information at all. Why? I don’t know, maybe there are reasons. I don’t know. So, the issue has been raised several times before all the general secretaries that we have encountered, before the current deputy prime minister, who is taking any steps there to improve the situation, and before the former and current prime minister. So our goal is to overcome this problem, said Ivanovska.