At today’s session, the Anti-Corruption Commission discussed, among other things, the abuses of the institutions during the pandemic, mainly about the official cars purchased by the state institutions. Information about a series of other procurement abuses in the institutions has also arrived at the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The President of the Commission, Biljana Ivanovska, says that it was not only the two cars that the media wrote about, but that the institutions bought a total of 150 new cars during the pandemic. Ivanovska called this information “worrying”.

However, Ivanovska announced that the Anti-Corruption Commission, which opened a case on its own initiative, decided today to stop the proceedings with the conclusion that corruption cannot be confirmed because the weaknesses are due “primarily to the lack of an efficient procurement system in emergency conditions and that the pandemic period was a “chaotic situation” throughout the world.”

She announced that the institutions in the country have acquired 150 vehicles with a total value of over 3.6 million euros, i.e. luxury vehicles with an individual value of 20,000 to 40,000 euros, which, as Ivanovska says, there is no need to buy, especially in time of pandemic.