Ruskovska is back from vacation, the investigation into the “Racket affair” would continue, but no word on when and whether Katica Janeva will be summoned for questioning at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, VMRO-DPMNE Secretary-General Igor Janusev wrote Thursday on Facebook.

In the meantime, evidence was destroyed, witnesses were influenced, Zaev made scandalous statements, the government set up a commission to clear up the affair, which by the way has no representative from the prosecutor – judicial bodies, and why would there be when all is the same – Zaev commands, he is the head of this criminal-racketeering octopus.

The Republic of Macedonia must deal with crime no matter where it comes from! The day comes when you will be held accountable, first politically and then before the letter of the law, Janusev wrote, calling for resignation and early parliamentary elections.