Outstanding issues should be resolved as a whole, which requires a certain framework, which in turn will be related to lifting of the veto by Bulgaria and holding the first intergovernmental conference of Macedonia with the EU, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski told a press briefing for Macedonian reporters after Tuesday’s joint intergovernmental session of Macedonia and Bulgaria held in Sofia.

As MIA reports from Sofia, regarding the possibility of separating the questions from now on package 4 plus 1 after the short name Macedonia was resolved during Petkov’s visit to Skopje, Kovacevski noted that the questions will go in one package because each of them has its own dynamics of solution.

As the Prime Minister pointed out, in resolving political issues with Sofia, we should adhere to the Resolution adopted by the Macedonian Parliament and supported by all political parties, emphasizing that the points should not be seen as difficult and easy if there is a willingness to reach a compromise.