The European proposal on start of Macedonia’s EU accession negotiations takes into account all Macedonian positions and remarks, and negotiations can begin immediately after its approval. The proposal includes clear Macedonian language, equal with the other EU languages, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and European Council President Charles Michel at a meeting on Tuesday.

At the meeting, the President of the European Council once again emphasized the support and commitment of the European Union for the start of negotiations with Macedonia, pointing out that these are key moments for the progress of our country from an economic, political and sociological point of view.

Prime Minister Kovacevski emphasized that the support of the European Union in the process of integration of Macedonia is of particular importance for the country in fulfilling the basic strategic goal, namely full-fledged membership in the EU.

He also stressed at the meeting that in recent days the proposal from the French presidency was discussed at consultative meetings with the leaders of the government coalition, with the diplomatic corps, the civil sector, with representatives of the expert public and the media, as well as with the opposition parties.

As part of the visit, the president of the European Council, will attend today’s government session, and then he and Prime Minister Kovacevski will hold a joint press conference for the media.