Lider, the news site which published a shocking audio tape revealing Kurto Dudus, the Mayor of Shuto Orizari, beating and torturing a man, reports that the Interior Ministry worked to downplay the charges that were filed against Dudus.

The recording reveals Dudus torturing a municipal employee called Senad Jasar, because he was allegedly badmouthing him in public. At one point, in between audible blows, Dudus threatens Jasar that he will use a baseball bat on him but also threatens to use the police and frame him.

Lider now reports that Jasar reported the assault to the police in May 2018 and that a police officer issued him a copy of his report. But later, a different officer resubmitted the report under a lower level category, a complaint” which allows the police to use discretionary power and take no action against the attacker.

Dudus is an important provider of Roma votes for SDSM. He was elected Mayor in 2017, as his main opponent Elvis Bajram was badly beaten days before the election.