Branimir Jovanovik, a former Colored Revolution activist who was an adviser for Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski, revealed a shocking allegation as Tevdovski became the highest profile Government minister dismissed in Zaev’s purge.

Jovanovik, who resigned his position several months ago, lamented the dismissal of Tevdovski saying that instead of him, people who rigged public procurement contracts worth millions should have been let go. Jovanovik did not specify who he is talking about.

I did not know about his coming purge when I retired and I didn’t expect it. I believed that the purge will be aimed at those who worked for their own personal interests and not for the public interest, at those who rigged contracts worth millions, at those who only spent public money and did nothing. If the state is removing those who work hard and honestly and who institute reforms and sacrifice for the common good, that state will not succeed, Jovanovik wrote in his lament for Tevdovski.

The leftist activist ignored several replies to his comment calling on him to clearly state who is it in the Government that was rigging procurement contrats worth millions.

Zaev dismissed Tevdovski, whose head was reportedly claimed by the Skopje wing of the SDSM party led by Radmila Sekerinska, and announced he himself will be acting Finance Minister.