Deputy Prime Minister tasked with fighting Corruption Ljupco Nikolovski was not the man who carried out the biggest bribe, he personally believes. VMRO-DPMNE, on the other hand, thinks the opposite. And here somewhere, between the personal opinion of the minister and the party position of VMRO-DPMNE, we found ourselves in the middle.

Minister “Eliot Ness” believes that “Republika” is damaging his reputation and it should withdraw the text and apologize to him immediately. It is our duty to publish his reaction in full and we will do that.

After we fulfilled our obligation, we ask Eliot Ness if he was offended as much by A1on, Makfax, 24 info, Kanal 5… … and many other media outlets that covered the same press conference. Ljupce, how about taking a look at, and in the same lawsuit with which you are threatening us, to include all the other media outlets that reported on the press conference of the opposition and silence us.

This is how the fight against corruption in Macedonia begins – with a band-aid over the mouth and a veil over the eyes of the public. Friendly advice, Ljupce, one cannot become Eliot Ness by attacking the media. And the next time you read the text, do not lie them lie to you that “Republika” insulted you.