In response tothe demand from Bulgaria that Macedonia amends its Constitution and lists the Bulgarians in the Preamble, a group of Macedonians in Bulgaria issue the same demand. Stojko Stojkov, from the OMO Ilinden – Pirin party, that faces numerous problems just trying to function in Bulgaria, notes that Bulgaria does not recognize any ethnic groups on its territory and actively denies their existence, especially the existence of the Macedonians.

President Radev often finds time to meet with Bulgarians from foreign countries, but he can’t find time to meet with Bulgarian citizens who self-identify as Macedonians. Is it so hard to recognize the Macedonian minority?, Stojkov asked publicly, echoing Radev’s comments who asked Macedonia “is it so hard to add the Bulgarians in the Constitution?”

Macedonia has a practice to list half a dozen of the largest minorities in the Constitution, as constituent nations. But Bulgaria, which demands this position for the Bulgarian minority as well, goes in the opposite direction and strongly discourages respect for minority rights of the non-Bulgarians who live there.
Stojkov pointed to the fact that Macedonia actually agrees to list the Bulgarians in its Constitution, but demands that this is done just before its entry into the EU, to prevent further obstructions of its EU accession process by Bulgaria.