The leaders of the political Albanian parties in the country will meet Tuesday with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Tirana.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Bujar Osmani, said Monday that the Tirana meeting was a New Year’s meeting with the aim of exchanging opinions regarding current issues in the region and wishing success in the year ahead and urged not to create “some kind of conspiracy” regarding the meeting.

According to Osmani, there is no predetermined agenda for the meeting that will be discussed and it will be an opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas, information and views for the benefit of the region and Macedonia and Albania.

MP from the Besa Movement, Fadil Zendeli, said Monday that his party received an invitation to the meeting, but said that they will not attend it. He believes that this meeting is in favor of DUI and that whenever this party has internal problems, such meetings are held in Tirana.

Alternative and Alliance for Albanians confirmed to MIA that they received an invitation to the meeting and that they will attend it, without specifying details.