If the Parliament is not dissolved until Sunday, Macedonia will be in a deep political crisis, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, as the ruling SDSM party does all it can to cancel the elections.
Mickoski said that the opposition party decided not to abandon the Parliament because that would give even more leeway to SDSM to walk out of the elections.

Zoran Zaev would have been happiest with our departure from the Parliament, all his marijuana laws would be accepted, he would fast track not just the law on state prosecutors, but also laws that enrich his “family”, Mickoski said.

He warned that members of Parliament are facing serious pressure to vote for the PPO law, which requires 81 votes. Zave similarly bribed and blackmailed members of Parliament in early 2019 to ram the name change through Parliament.

Given how the people in the Parliament are acting, and from what our members of Parliament are seeing, the situation there does not resemble a legislative body. They’re negotiating, haggling and agreeing terms for what comes next, for their families, for personal matters. It is so primitive, I can’t even discuss it. Zoran Zaev is doing all he can to save himself from facing accountability for all that he did over the past three years, Mickoski said.