It is too much of all these defeats, it is too much of this devastating policy that has been happening for these five years. It is too much that Macedonia and the Macedonian citizens are constantly losing, getting poorer, humiliated. It is too much that people are leaving the country. And it is practically too much that we have lost so much in these five years that we will need to work twice as hard from the best days to be able to reach a state we were in when we were a country for example in Europe, but also here in the Balkans. A period when we were record holders in foreign investments, when we were a country where construction was taking place, where projects were realized, unlike now where only stealing is done, said VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with “Samo intervju” on TV Kanal 5, talking about the protest that should take place on June 18 in front of the Government building.

Mickoski pointed out that he expects people to attend the protest in large numbers.

The June 18 protest will be one of the largest protests ever in Macedonia. I consider every protest successful, but at this protest there will be many tens of thousands of our fellow citizens who will come out to this protest which will take place on Saturday.

He added that the party will organize transport for citizens who want to attend, but cannot find a way to attend the protest, and are from the interior, and not from Skopje.