VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that he is prepared to discuss the proposal to amend the Macedonian Constitution in line with the Constitution of Croatia during a meeting of party leaders. The proposal became a hot political issue after the Government itself praised the Croatian Constitution as a model – because it includes numerous ethnic minorities and would mean it is acceptable to include the Bulgarian minority as well. But Mickoski pointed out that Croatia is founded as a nation state of the Croats, and agrees to use this model if Macedonia will again be declared the nation state of the Macedonians.

– I’m prepared to explain this proposal before anybody and anywhere. If I am invited to a meeting of party leaders, I will put forward this proposal, said Mickoski.

Albanian parties, which are crucial for the survival of the current Government, have refused the proposal outright. But it allows VMRO to shift the responsibility for amending the Constitution on them. Amendments can’t be made with support from at least some VMRO members of Parliament and in a few months Macedonia may be in a situation that Albania opens its EU accession talks while Macedonia remains stuck by the Bulgarian veto.

– I believe that a pro-European Government, like the one led by DUI and its minor partner SDSM, will not endanger Macedonia’s European path and will accept the proposal that is now on the table, Mickoski added.