VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski said in Monday’s TV duel that the current census has many shortcomings because the application is unstable and there are interruptions, adding that the entire game of SDSM and Levica with the census and everything else is just to maintain power, because they are the same.

On the one hand you have Zoran Zaev who says there will be a census and calls for a census, on the other hand you have Levica who are working actively to make the census fail. What do they have in common? Before the New Year’s Eve, Zaev, answering a question from the president of that political party, asked a counter question whether it is true or not that he provided logistics and financial means to work against VMRO-DPMNE and that he was promised that if they win MPs they would support the policies of SDSM, said Mickoski.

He emphasized that the citizens should know that the only state-building political force that fights for the interests of all citizens and the interests of Macedonia is VMRO-DPMNE.

Regarding the failed 2011 census, Mickoski reminded Zaev that he forgot to mention DUI, which was part of the government when the census failed, and that after Zaev came to power, the case against the DUI leader disappeared.