In an interview with TV Sitel, VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski, spoke about the current political situation in the country, the daily problems of the citizens, as well as the bad government policies regarding the negotiations with the Republic of Bulgaria.

Mickoski stressed that VMRO-DPMNE wants a date in June, but that, unfortunately, such a thing is unlikely to happen because the European Union sees the extent to which crime and corruption rule in our country, and these are certainly not the values that will help Macedonia on its EU path.

Zoran Zaev in the past years has shown how the negotiations should not be conducted, because in all the processes that were started, the only party with damage is the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens. The national identity is on its knees only because Zaev put the country and its history up for sale. We all know that Zoran Zaev is ready to sign everything with the Republic of Bulgaria just to court, again with his hand on his heart, but this time we do not know what and whether the other side will accept.

In the past few days, VMRO-DPMNE has firmly stated that it will not support any additional changes or concessions in the negotiations with Bulgaria, because the Republic of Macedonia has given much more than what is supposed to be allowed. This position was also reported to the European Council, which should start looking at things realistically and stop putting pressure on the country. The Republic of Macedonia is a country that deserves to be part of the European family, but such a government must not be allowed to continue to destroy the country, because that way the European Union will remain unattainable, said Mickoski in the interview.