We must be aware of the reality and the problems that eat away our society. Turning a blind eye to injustice and lawlessness will neither help nor delay the arrival of solutions. Silence will bring even greater injustice and lawlessness. Macedonia suffers from a criminal and corruptive cancer, which is spread to the tiniest pores. And that’s not the only problem. The government has long lost the criteria for the normal and now we are in a state of continuous attacks on decadence and abuses, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristiјan Mickoski said at Sunday’s 18th conference of the Union of Women.

According to Mickoski, the metastasis of the new difficult social reality is called Zaevism, which grows into a diagnosis of the painful and difficult time for the Macedonian citizens, whose characteristic is the constant loss, be it freedom, identity or name.

It’s about respect, dignity, security, work, our loved ones who wish to go outside the state as soon as possible, he said.

Such zaevism grows into a single-minded mental matrix of people in power, who produce fear, everyday lies.

It has become normal people to disappear every day, shootings, life as a gamble and dependent on the mercy of those who want to manage our destinies. There’s crime, rigged tenders, betrayals, lawlessness and no punishments, attacks, persecution, poverty and debts, stressed the leader of VMRO-DPMNE.