The specialists in highway supervision will receive 40 times higher salaries than an average university professor, which means that they should be at least 40 more efficient – or the money will end in someone else’s pockets, VMRO-DPME leader Mickovski accused on Friday.

” A university professor, like myself, receives on average €900 monthly salary. The ” specialists” will receive 36.500, and they will need at least five of them. Are they 40 times more efficient or the money is intended for someone else”, MIckovski said.

Thus, Mickovski added, we are not talking here about an epic project, but about an epic crime. The Government is transferring advances, allegedly for the construction companies, but in reality, the money goes to private pockets to be later used in electoral bribery.

“They make the same mistake again – they underestimate the people. The people, despite their violence, bribery, and pressures, will defeat them catastrophically in the next elections, together with VMRO-DPMNE”, Mickovski pointed out.