Lawyer Elenko Milanov emphasizes that it is strange that the Prosecution in its closing statement changed the indictement in several important elements.

In the new indictment, the part that Janakieski was not a member of the party’s EC or a coordinator of Centar’s Central Committee has disappeared.

It says that he was a close associate of Gruevski and a prominent member of VMRO-DPMNE, although that term does not exist anywhere. Janakieski was not a close associate of Gruevski. If he was, there would not have been 80,000 wiretapped conversations and 100,000 SMS messages of him, says Milanov.

He also referred to the statement of Tomislav Lazarov who pleaded guilty. Lazarov said that he may have communicated with Janakieski about what was happening inside the hall.

Informing on what is happening cannot be violence, Milanov added.

He pointed out to the judge that at this moment he can not make a verdict but should reopen the public hearing.

Whether the original recording was destroyed should be determined in the “Target-Fortress” case.

The evidence in court is presented in original or certified transcript, said Milanov.