The Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archdiocese (MOC-OA) will organize a  protest on June 29 in Skopje, dedicated on the dignity of the people, freedom, and protection of the basic religious rights. The reason for the protest, MOC  representatives say, is the rejection of their suggestions concerning the draft-laws on basic evidence and gender equality.

MOC also closely follows the events and the active pressures aimed at adoption of these laws and assesses that it is primary in this situation to protect and defend the family, especially the children.

“We appeal to all believers, civil associations, organizations to join us in this fight for dignity, freedom, and protection of the basic religious rights, so together we can protect our religion and traditions from the attempt to be “uprooted”, stipulated in Article 23, item 5 of thee draft-law”, the MOC Synod informed.