VMRO-DPMNE deputy President Aleksandar Nikoloski accused the ruling SDMS party of having a “master plan” to shut down the leading opposition party.

The only charge initiated by the Special Prosecutor’s Office after the legal term that was given to it was the one aimed against VMRO-DPMNE as a party. This institution, which was set up to investigate abuse of office, itself became a tool of abuse and violation of rights, Nikoloski said.

VMRO and its officials were almost exclusively targeted by the special prosecutors, since this institution was set up in 2015 and was given broad rights to use even inadmissible evidence in court. Now the SDSM party, which owes the fact it formed the Government to the actions of the special prosecutors, demands that VMRO approves making this institution permanent. VMRO made a series of counter-proposals meant to bring the SPO back into the limits of the law, and to replace the openly biased prosecutors.

SDSM has a plan to close down VMRO-DPMNE. Of course we are not going to allow that, Nikoloski said.