Kovacevski and Grubi scandalously chose to supervise the construction of corridors 8 and 10d. Although they lied that supervision would be carried out by an international consortium, the fact came to light that most of the money would end up in controversial companies from Macedonia, accuses VMRO-DPMNE.

First, most of the 22 million tender will end up with Elektra Solution, a company that received a license for supervision during the tender call. This company was engaged in the production of panties and underwear, and in order to “restructure” more successfully in the construction supervision business, it received a grant of 65 thousand euros from the Innovation Fund. It is obvious that there is a whole organized system behind this scandalous tender that reeks of crime and corruption. By the way, Electra Solution is closely related to the companies that won the previous supervision tender, but were labeled as firms connected to Russian capital.

According to VMRO-DPME, the fact that the company “Euro Consulting” whose founder and owner is Branislav Dimitrijevic, a man who is involved in crime in Armenia and whom Bujar Osmani’s diplomats smuggled out in order to save him from responsibility. What more to say, Osmani pulls out the character suspected of crime in Armenia, and Grubi and Kovacevski engage him in Macedonia.