By lunch time, over 100 medical professionals were vaccinated with the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. Macedonia began its first modest round of immunization today, after Serbia donated 4,680 doses of the vaccine, with another shipment expected soon for a total of 8,000 doses.

So far the vaccines are administered in a field hospital set up next to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje. A total of 4,000 healthcare workers are in the primary category of candidates for vaccination, but priority is given to those who directly work with Covid-19 patients. A second dose is immediately set aside, meaning that the donation from Serbia will be enough for 4,000 people, but the Healthcare Ministry is hoping to receive a much larger shipment of Chinese vaccines soon. Some healthcare workers from other cities will be able to get vaccinated on the weekend, and once the Chinese vaccines arrive, they will be made available across the country.