We see that the court proceedings in the Mafia case are running with minimal prison sentences for which some employees in the administrative services of the Ministry of Interior should make cannon fodder, while there is no hierarchical responsibility with the Minister or other superiors and it is not known who organizes the whole process in which 214 passports were issued to world drug bosses, assassins and terrorists, Antonio Milososki from VMRO-DPMNE said on Tuesday.

He pointed out that among the people who received a Macedonian passport is Sedat Peker, the head of the Turkish drug mafia, who is wanted by the Republic of Turkey on a warrant, and who stayed in Macedonia for 3 months, was moving around with police escort, as if he was a statesman and met with government officials. 

Personally, Sedet Peker in a video address two days ago said that he knew the Macedonian Prime Minister, that they were friends and that he was at his house. Now the question is what is Zaev hiding from the public and what should the public know about his relationship with Sedat Peker? Zoran Zaev claimed that he did not know and had not met Sedat Peker, while Sedat Peker claims that he had met him and his coalition partners.Paker’s claims show that Zaev lied, and not only did he meet with him, but also that he was a guest in his home. Our question to Zaev is the following: When did he have a meeting with Sedat Peker outside Skopje? The second question to Zaev is: how many of Zoran Zaev’s advisers in his office had a meeting with Sedat Peker? And our third question is: with which senior officials from the Ministry of Interior in October 2020, Sedat Peker had a meeting in the “Bushi” hotel, about which the National Security Agency was informed?, Milososki asked.

VMRO-DPMNE believes that Zaev must answer these three questions in order to clarify the situation regarding who ordered the issuance of 214 passports to drug lords from the region who are wanted on international arrest warrants.

The only thing that connects Sedat Peker and Zoran Zaev according to what can be logically concluded is narcotics. Sedat Peker works in the international drug trafficking, while Zoran Zaev and his cousins work in the marijuana business in the Republic of Macedonia, and as we saw through the driver of Zoran Zaev’s family, he was caught transporting marijuana through an operation of the US DEA. Maybe marijuana was the subject of talks between Zaev and Peker or maybe there were talks about possible investments of Sedat Peker in the hospitality and trade – tourism sector in Macedonia, the party said.

We expect the Public Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation into this case, to call Zoran Zaev in person for questioning, but also to call several advisers from Zoran Zaev’s office who had personal meetings with the mobster Sedat Peker in the past few months, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE added.