Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski extended Tuesday a greeting on the occasion of U.S. Independence Day, pointing out that the United States is Macedonia’s strategic partner whose support is extremely important for the country’s progress.

“The United States is our strategic partner, whose support through all challenges since the independence, including the staunch support for the European integration process of the Republic of Macedonia, we greatly value. The common commitment to democracy, freedom, equality, respect for human rights, to building strong democratic societies is the basis on which our friendship and partnership will continue to develop and strengthen both politically and economically, but also united on the right side as NATO allies,” PM Kovachevski said.

He stressed that the contribution of the United States is huge in terms of intensifying the reform process for the further democratization of our society, the rule of law, fight against corruption and crime, which is a significant encouragement in the process of Macedonia’s EU accession negotiations.

Earlier on Tuesday, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski also posted on Facebook a message of congratulations on the occasion of 4 July, U.S. Independence Day, extending to the American people wishes for continued prosperity and well-being. Highlighting that American democracy is the leading inspiration for democracies at a global level, he noted that it is a special honor and pleasure for Macedonia to be strategic partners with the United States, and to advance transatlantic cooperation as NATO allies.