After Zoran Zaev began his announced purge of the most corrupt or incompetent officials by removing nearly all high and middle leadership in the SDSM party (while allowing them to keep their state offices), now his coalition partner Ali Ahmeti did the same.

Ahmeti’s DUI party is preparing for party elections in September and in light of that, all heads of local branches were removed, and several of them were kept as coordinators until the elections.
Ramiz Merko, Rafiz Aliti, Resi Abdurahmani, Bekir Asani and a number of others are removed as leaders and deputy leaders of the local branches of DUI, without the right to re-apply for their positions.

Teuta Arifi, Izet Medziti, Sadula Duraku and Nevzat Bejta are coordinators, which means they will continue to help Ahmeti manage the party until the elections, but they also won’t be able to re-apply. DUI has a total of 35 local branches.

Ahmeti’s de facto second in command Artan Grubi said that the heads of the local branches had their mandates expire in 2018 and the party has to hold elections to select its leadership.