SDSM offers a black campaign instead of projects, it is proof that they are in a panic and will lose, said VMRO-DPMNE.

SDSM has no projects, no offer, one week SDSM runs a black campaign, with lies and slander. With SDSM, the citizens get only destructiveness, divisions and poverty. In order for SDSM and DUI to continue stealing, they easily play with the fire of ethnic tensions, wanting to provoke a conflict. At the moment, the biggest enemy of ethnic relations is Zoran Zaev and his partner DUI, because that is how they protect their crime, steal from tenders while politicians pretend concerned about multiethnic democracy in front of the cameras. Albanians, just like Macedonians, live equally badly and all leave the country together because of people like Zaev and Ahmeti. And in order to continue stealing, they will lie, invent and sow hatred. They do not want cohesion, because then they will not be important. The time of crime is over. It is time for changes, for victories, for projects, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s reaction.