Ziadin Sela, leader of the Alliance of Albanians, insisted that DUI and not one of the large Macedonian parties, is the most damaging for Albanian national interests.

Sela was asked by the Kosovan T7 television whether he thinks that VMRO-DPMNE or SDSM did more damage to Albanians – a frequent question among Albanian journalists who have began a campaign of denigrating Macedonian parties, especially VMRO-DPMNE, in their attempts to best leverage the Albanian voting power in the country.

Surprisingly, Sela said that it is the ethnic Albanian DUI party – his chief rival – which is the worst ethnic Albanians.

Although Zaev managed to implement some of his promises, he was better than Gruevski in some regards, but we are still asking for our rights. Albanians are asking me who is worse, SDSM or VMRO, and I tell them, DUI is the worst, Sela said.

He pointed to the latest corruption scandal to involve DUI officials – the alleged illegal purchase of seaside properties in Albania – as evidence that the party needs to be finally voted out of Government at the coming early general elections.