Besides political suicide, the leaders of SDSM and DUI also killed Macedonia’s European future. I am pessimistic that they will be able to make constitutional changes, said the leader of Alternativa, Afrim Gashi.

He emphasizes that “the brutal violation of the agreement, which they reached in 2021 with the former prime minister Zoran Zaev, forced Alternativa to leave the government.”

In an interview with TV Alsat, the leader of Alternativa Gashi emphasized that the courting from the prime minister was in vain.

Speaking about the accusations of his former party member Skender Redzepi-Zejdi that Alternative is leaving the Government only because of the Ministry of Health and that he now remains the sole representative of Alternativa’s voters in the Government, Gashi replied that Redzepi was not part of the governance agreement.

The moment we entered the Government both Kovacevski and Zaev knew that we were talking to three MPs, one MP made an agreement with Zaev on his own. So that package and this agreement were signed for three MPs. They know very well, said the leader of Alternativa Afrim Gashi.