It is unfortunate that Zoran Zaev’s Minister, Damjan Mancevski, after almost three years of holding the ministerial post, heard for the first time that there is a law that clearly describes the competencies of the ministry. Closed in offices that serve you mostly for private sessions, distorted the whole system, derogated all laws that impeded the pursuit of party and private interests and goals, you got scared of my words that there should be consistent application of the laws, Minister Nevenka Stamenkovska-Stojkovski reacted to Mancevski’s accusations that she showed elemental ignorance of her competence.

Regardless of the fact that, according to the law, the additional deputy minister together with the minister participates in the exercise of the competences provided by the Law on Organization and Work of the State Administration, every citizen calls you to obey the laws for 3 years, but you are above the law and now you are afraid, institutions should be open to all citizens and of course to me. Your fear and panic are obvious and it will not stop me from trying to protect the institutions and prevent the madness with abuses by your officials, says Stamenkovska-Stojkovski.