When agreements are made, everyone interprets them as they want. It is important for me to know that the Albanians do not win, and the Macedonians do not lose positions. Some say that Alternative took over many positions, but that is not true. We are far from the percentage agreed in the Ohrid Agreement. We now have a stable government and stable institutions, DPA leader Menduh Thaci said on the “Morning Briefing” show.

Thaci says that it seems that Zaev intends to leave the position, but that will depend on the situation with Bulgaria and its development. He expects the government majority to reach 70 lawmakers soon.

Taravari and his party now have three years to consolidate because they have only Levica left. Chapters will now be opened and for that it is important to have a stable Government. I expect the Alliance to slowly disappear from the political scene, and I expect the DPA to return, because I was the 60th MP a month ago, Thaci said.

Thaci says that DPA and DUI have proven that they are not incidental parties but stable ones and Zaev has long been the driving force of the coalition.