After it was revealed that the deputy leaders of the Montenegrin Skaljarski gang, Igor Dedovic and Stevan Stamatovic, had Macedonian passports, it became clear that the entire leadership of this criminal group has passports from our country.

Stamatovic and Dedovic entered Greece with Macedonian passports in January last year and were shot there by unknown perpetrators in front of their wives and children. So far, they have smuggled drugs in the amount of over 300 million euros.

After their death, the gang was taken over by Jovica Vukotic. He had a Macedonian passport since 2018 under the name of Georgi Andonov. He was arrested in Turkey with the Macedonian passport and extradited to Serbia.

Stefan Djukic also has a Macedonian passport. He is considered the executioner of the Skaljarski gang and two years ago in Ukraine he tried to assassinate the leader of the rival Kavacki gang, Radoje Zvicer.

Djukic, under the name of Georgi Kace, shot at Zvicer but he survived thanks to his wife Tamara.

The most frightening thing is that these criminals still have Macedonian passports as the Ministry of Interior still hasn’t revoked them and with them they are still able to buy property in the country and open bank accounts, analyzes “Republika”.