The Russian Orthodox Church reacted coldly to the announcement that Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew accepted the Macedonian Orthodox Church into communion with the other Orthodox churches. A representative of the Moscow Patriarchy said that they continue to recognize the mandate of the Serbian Orthodox Church over Macedonia.

The Russian Orthodox Church recognizes the exclusive canonical rights of the Serbian Church in Macedonia. The position of the Russian Church is that we should foremost take into consideration the approach of the Serbian Church, said Igor Yakimchuk, secretary of the Department for foreign relations of the Russian Church.

Russia remains angry at Bartholomew who recognized the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in 2019. The announcement for Bartholomew regarding Macedonia is that the Ecumenical Patriarchy accepts the Macedonian church, but only under the name Orthodox Archbishopric, in communion, but still calls on it to settle its relationship with the Serbian church. There are reports that bishops from both sides are on the verge of some kind of agreement that will be announced soon.