They talk about redefining, we talk about strong Macedonia.
They talk about taking from citizens and raising taxes, we talk about giving back to citizens and businesses and more money. They are known for not being capable and lying, and we honorably say we will succeed with strong faith. And we are different in the fight. They are a mafia that fights for power and money, we fight for the common future of Macedonia and more for everyone, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski wrote on Facebook.

According to Mickoski, a vote for renewal is support for:

• Increase of average salary in the country by + 25%
• Increase of average pension of pensioners by + 20%
• 4 billion euros of domestic and foreign investment in 4 years.
• Flat tax of 8%.
• Unemployment rate below 10% – one-digit unemployment rate.
• New highway from Veles through Prilep to Bitola.
• New asphalt for all regional roads in the country, 1000 km new asphalt
• New facade and windows for homes, with 50% at the expense of the state.
• Purchase of solar collectors for households, with 50% of the amount covered by the state.
• Free gas supply connection for every household.
• For 50% cleaner air.
• New thermal power plant in Pijanec and Maleshevo region and 1,000 new jobs…. And many other projects.
Renewal is coming !, writes Mickoski.