A hearing was to be held today in the “Vodno plots” case. But, before the process even started, it has been postponed until August 19.

The Criminal Court says that the postponement is due to the request of the defense for translation of the evidence in the case of the Public Prosecutor’s Office submitted in English, in Macedonian, as well as the involvement of the ex officio lawyer in the “TNT” case.

Mehmet Seferi is the lawyer who was ex officio assigned to Nikola Gruevski in the cases “TNT” and “Vodno plots”.

But what is being commented on in court circles is that the government is in a hurry to end the case related to the demolition of the “Cosmos” complex as soon as possible. The reason for that is that the businessman Fiat Canoski, who is a coalition partner of Zoran Zaev, should receive around 50 million euros in damages.