VMRO-DPMNE calls for a debate in Parliament to discuss the unacceptable behavior by Speaker Talat Xhaferi. Xhaferi was recorded recently in an angry tirade against Parliament employees, during which he used unprintable words.

The entire public heard these serious violations of the code of ethics. They were broadcast live on the public television. We have audio recordings and at least four members of our group in Parliament who witnesses the situation, where Xhaferi humiliated and pressured employees of the Parliament, said VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki.

The opposition party demands that the code of ethnics is applied, including the clause that finds this behavior to be a serious violation.

Milososki called on representatives from the ruling parties, especially the female representatives, to join in their initiative, considering that some of the profanities Xhaferi used were gender based.