Instead of criminals, the police of Zaev and Spasovski are chasing opposition candidates and activists, accuses VMRO-DPMNE, revealing the identity of the police officers who participated in the surveillance of the candidate for mayor of Prilep, Borce Jovceski.

Darko Cuculoski – Commander of the Interior Ministry Department in Prilep, Trajan Komicija – Commander of Prilep police department, Emilija Velkoska – chief of Prilep criminal affairs office, Andrej Laskoski – road traffic safety department Igor Neskoski – road traffic safety department, Stefan – border police, Davor Paskoski – road traffic safety department, Melita – police station, Nevence – road traffic safety department administrator, Kire Kitanoski – personal driver of Oliver Lukaroski, Kosta Taleski – police station on duty, Venko Ilieski – road traffic safety department, Valentin Dimoski – road traffic safety department, Zarko Cuculoski – road traffic safety department, Andrej Dukoski – road traffic safety department, Teodora Kitanoska – road traffic safety department, Aleksandar Krajoski – road traffic safety department, Ljube Stojanoski – road traffic safety department, Stefan Kuckarot – road traffic safety department, Borce Crneski – road traffic safety department, Vanesa Kolisanec – Deputy Commander of Interior Ministry department in Prilep, Anastas Parizo – road traffic safety department, Igor Bozinoski – road traffic safety department Marjan Macorot – road traffic safety department.

As VMRO-DPMNE says, according to the information they have as evidence from the viber communication of a group formed by police officials in Prilep under the leadership of Kire Kitanoski, the driver of Spasovski’s advisor, Oliver Lukareski, the commander of Prilep Interior Ministry department Darko Cuculoski, chief of Prilep criminal affairs office, Deputy Commander Vanesa Kolasinac and other police officers organized the surveillance of the candidate for mayor, and now Mayor Borce Jovceski.

“He was followed, and reports of his movements were written in the group. Instead of protecting the citizens, the police officers endangered their health. So a police officer says that he sent bodybuilders to beat their fellow citizen, and another adds that he also sent him a greeting. Government dissidents were subjected to harassment and threats to their physical health. Zaev and Spasovski instead of pretending that they did not know should assume responsibility. And the Public Prosecutor’s Office should to initiate proceedings immediately. Such abuse of institutions for party and election purposes is not remembered by post-war Europe. If the Public Prosecutor’s Office does not open a case and thinks that this will be forgotten, they should know that after the release of the institutions, all those who covered up this case will be held accountable,” said VMRO-DPMNE.