SDS and Kovachevski retreated from the Ilinden Declaration, only 17 MPs signed it, and under Bulgarian pressure, they are forced to be silent. SDS and Kovachevski were silent about the ongoing crime and corruption, but now they have to remain silent about the Ilinden Declaration, which evaporated under Bulgarian pressure, VMRO-DPMNE stated on Tuesday.

The declaration they submitted to the Parliament reveals that only 17 MPS signed it – 16 from SDS, and only one from the coalition partners. Now, they decline any comment on the declaration they proposed.

Is the Government forced to remain silent by the Bulgarians? Or have we witnessed another show of their bigotry?

“VMRO-DPMNE clearly requested to officially receive the declaration, after which the party would have submitted amendments in line with the Macedonian interests. Is SDS banned from even starting the procedure?”, the party asks.