Looking for somebody to blame after the loss of the promised summer date to open EU accession talks, media outlets close to the SDSM party turned on former Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki, who listed the countries which opposed the opening of accession talks in June.

A number of left wing journalists and commentators called on Milososki to resign, for what they term his spreading of “fake news”.

In response, Milososki spent the day yesterday pointing out to statements and comments conforming the fact that, faced with a clear proposal to open accession talks with Macedonia in June, a number of EU countries were against. As is always the case with European Council decisions on Macedonia, the final recommendations is unanimous, but it conceals the fact that usually Greece, or now other countries, blocked the recommendation to open accession talks.
Milososki pointed out to an article published by the French Le Monde, announcing that “Paris, Berlin and The Hague blocked the EU enlargement in the Balkans”. A statement from the Croatian Foreign Minister Marija Pejcinovic Buric was also a case in point.

Is the Croatian Foreign Minister spreading fake news when sehe said that “most countries approved of the opening of accession talks in June, but unfortunately some members could not accept this proposal. Sadly, the number of countries who have reservations has actually grown”, Milososki asked.

European Commissioner Johannes Hahn himself said during the press conference that a “minority of countries” were not prepared to accept the Commission recommendation for a date in June.
In response, Milososki called on Zoran Zaev, Nikola Dimitrov and Bujar Osmani to resign for their infamous selfie made in June 2018, when they were celebrating what they said is a clear and unconditional approval by the European Council to open accession talks in June 2019. Milososki accepted to resign after these three do so for their blatant fake news selfie.