The pandemic for Zaev and his associates is a game, but for ordinary citizens it is a struggle of life and death, says a statement from VMRO-DPMNE, adding that while Zaev and his servants dance with the coronavirus, the number of infected people is constantly increasing , there is no adequate number of tests, and the number of deaths is increasing daily.

While Zaev is having fun, medical workers put their own life at risk without proper equipment. While Zaev dances throwing around money from the budget, the citizens do not know how they will survive and feed themselves until the next month.

Zaev’s measures represent fraud, as well as anything else he has done in the past three years.
The measures are restrictive and insufficient to help companies keep the jobs of all employees, VMRO-DPMNE said.

We are sorry, say the party, that the government has remained silent on the demands of the economy, as is the situation for everything else.

The state must not run away from the obligation to help companies and employees in March. As with all other measures, the government is 20 days late and consciously promoted it on April 2. Very few companies will use the full amount of 14,500 denars, as the measure relates to the number of employees working hours, ie effective working hours, reads the party’s statement.