As of today, the MPs are returning to Hall No. 1, where they will use new modern conference equipment. The 72nd Parliament session of the Assembly, dedicated to parliamentary questions, will be held in this hall starting at 11 am.

The new modern conference equipment in the plenary hall offers a fully computerized and digital principle of operation, namely paperless work, speaker order management, advanced video streaming, video archive with search, voting report on each item on the agenda.

The new equipment and the new website of the Parliament will increase the transparency and accountability to the citizens and will provide easier access to the citizens to a large amount of information about the work of the legislature.

The journalists will again be able to directly follow the sessions from the gallery in the plenary hall, after the press center in the hall no.3 is returned to function. The cameramen and the photo-reporters will be enabled to record inserts today at the beginning of the 72nd session.