It is obvious that Zoran Zaev is determined to go against the will of the people. It was not enough that the party leaders told him that now was not the time for elections, now confirmation came form the citizens as well.

As many as 74 percent of respondents in a poll carried out by the Habeas Corpus Institute said they were against the June elections. This undoubtedly says that the citizens understand the seriousness of the situation much better than Zaev and that election can’t be held when every day there are new infections and deaths. Moreover, the average daily numbers of infections and deaths are the same, if not worse, since the declaration of the first state of emergency by President Pendarovski.

It is clear that it is crazy to hold elections when there’s a chance to get infected at the polling station. There are about 3,000 polling stations in Macedonia where it is necessary to have a dozen people conducting the voting at any given time. Voters will enter the room for 12 hours and the chance of getting infected is high.

It was naive to think that government’s explanation that people would be wearing face masks for voting would pass among the people.

The Habeas Corpus poll clearly shows that people will not go to the polls with masks and gloves.