Let’s spend this day, Good Friday, ahead of the greatest Orthodox Christian holiday of the victory of life over death, in family circles at home instead of the temples, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

“Let’s refrain this year as well from visiting churches and monasteries and send prayers for gratitude from our homes and welcome the bright day – the Resurrection in our family circles, when our hearts will be flooded with eternal light and hope of the news of victory of life over death, and with a new, renewing force to win against the temptations of the virus,” Zaev wrote on Facebook.

If you still decide to go to church, says Zaev in the message, listen to the recommendations of the clergy and do it with the utmost care by adhering to protection measures, for yourself and for others.

“Let us keep the hope that Easter brings that this crisis situation will be overcome and the days will come when we will be able to gather in our temples and rejoice together at the Resurrection of Christ,” said Zaev.