SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev announced that he reached agreement to form a coalition in which he will be Prime Minister. Zaev said that Ahmeti agreed with him taking the position – having an ethnic Albanian Prime Minister was a key request of Ahmeti’s DUI party before the elections.

We confirmed the framework of future cooperation between SDSM and our coalition and DUI, Zaev said, insisting that he will lead a Government for a full four year term. “We reached agreement on the division of responsibilities in the Government and we will work with dedication for the interests of the citizens and of the country”.

The two were accompanied by their confidants Ljupco Nikolovski and Artan Grubi during the meeting. Both party leaderships will meet today to confirm the coalition deal.

DUI and SDSM will jointly have 61 seats in Pariiament – the bare minimum needed to form a Government. Zaev said that they will be supported by the small DPA party which adds one vote.