In a statement with Telma, Zoran Zaev seems to open the issue of his second announced resignation – the one as Prime Minister. Zaev resigned as SDSM party leader and the party began the process of electing a new leader, and also announced that he will resign as Prime Minister, but he faces criticism over this from his main coalition partner DUI.

First we need to complete the negotiations about forming a parliamentary majority with the Alternative party. If that is concluded and publicly announced, we will make an estimate when to enter into the process of electing a Government with the Alternative party, and with this new, enlarged and stable majority in Parliament. It will also depend on the negotiations with Bulgaria. One of the most important reasons why Alternative would enter the Government would be to ensure a stable Government and a stable majority, Zaev told Telma TV in a written statement.

Zaev is supposed to meet Alternative party leader Afrim Gashi tomorrow, for a new round of talks where he hopes to get the four seats Alternative has in Parliament. Zaev’s coalition currently has 60 votes in Parliament – not enough to pass most legislation.