Experts will determine the cause for the accident. The victims come from Skopje but also other places. They are all Macedonian nationals, along with one citizen of Serbia’s Presevo, who went to Istanbul together with his fiancée from Kumanovo. The list of passengers also includes a Belgian national, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev after visiting the seven survivors from the fatal bus accident in Bulgaria on Tuesday.

Answering reporters’ questions, Zaev said that he still did not know the details, although he had information that the seven survivors, when the accident occurred, managed to break the window in the back seats.

He, as he pointed out, received the information about the accident at 3:30 last night from the Prime Minister Stefan Janev, and then President Radev called him.

I am grateful for the commitment around the investigation. I know that they do everything as if it were their citizens. We will be able to find out the details after the visit to the hospital from Janev. I will meet him first, and Minister Stoev is always with us. We are grateful for all the assistance, underlined Zaev.

He also informed that family members of the people who were hospitalized had already come to the hospital.