Zoran Zaev is ready to call a leaders’ meeting on the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office, as he said, if there is a need for it, but emphasized that it should still be given a chance for a legal solution.

We expect the working groups to say if there is a need for a leaders’ meeting. If they say, I’m ready. Mr. Mickoski will also say, probably the other leaders as well, if there is a need we will call it. The aim is to help the working group find a solution to the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office, Zaev said after visiting the “September 8th” hospital on Friday.

The prime minister sees nothing disputable that Janeva ordered from prison SPO prosecutors to hand over theirs case to the state prosecutor.

I also know business people who sign wages from prisond. With the permission of a judge, what applies for every citizen, it applies for Katica Janeva, said Zaev.

Asked whether there is a Plan B or 80 MPs, Prime Minister Zaev said he did not think about it because a chance should be given for a legal solution.